Is this too much? A company is marketing an energy drink that comes with a mirror, a credit card, and cocaine-like powder in a vial.

I was watching “The Morning Show” and they were interviewing the founder of the product. It had this wacky, angry doctor on that was spitting mad at the founder for the product. It had a mom and her teenage son on to attest to the utter silliness and uncool appeal to this product.

The hosts then antagonize the founder into the corner, ala Wally George. Seriously, how is any of this going to help the situation? When did morning news programs become sensational montages of consumerism?

BTW, the hosts went into the next segment in seconds and are now selling skin care products using celebrities as bait.

I am convicted that the church needs to move into the frontier of consumerism. We cannot demand that the church consume more. We need to stop mirroring the market appeal and following flash campaigns to man up, extreme, or better our ministries. Where is the prayer and meditation in the Spirit? I am all for the church existing in the culture and being agents of transformation within the culture. I am saddened by the paths we take to gain higher righteousness.

I struggle with knowing when enough is enough of the cultural influence. To me the beauty of the gospel is it speaks to where you are, when you are, and manifests in ways that transform you. The gospel is individual and communal. It is Simul and Peccator. It is this and that. The gospel is everything.

Where is the temperament to engage in conversations that do not damn and blame, accuse and distort? We are all depraved and rowing the same dilapidated boat. I am concerned that in our attempts to rescue Jesus’ church we are filling to much space with desperate and well meaning actions.

I am not suggesting that we cease all actions. I am suggesting that we must slow down and not keep piling on event after event, thing after thing to draw people in to Jesus’ church. We should listen more and talk less.

We do not need a sensational gospel. The message is scandalous enough! When will we cease the fear of the other and enter into proximity of each other imbued with love, sustained on hope, delivered in faith. A faith that is given and not earned, consumed, or produced.

One thought on “WT(bleep)!

  1. what is the white powder for?? I mean, does it go in the drink or or you SUPPOSED to snort it?? And candy cigarettes send a bad message? I don’t see this one going very far. Don’t worry.

    You can’t make God more appealing than he already is. He is, after all, GOD. But I do think people run the risk of turning others off of God.

    Churches are put at odds because they have to raise money. I really don’t think churches would care about the number of members as much if dollars weren’t involved. And then it becomes a product that people pay for. We’ve had church members at our church threaten to stop tithing if this doesn’t happen, etc. I’m no better though because I don’t tithe at all. I’ll give but it’s no one’s business when or how much. And it’s always cash. I know the reality is that there has to be money involved, but I don’t like it!

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