Intolerant God lays smack down…

“They only say that because they have not bothered to crack the Bible and read what the words actually say.  In fact God is the about most intolerant. I mean you talk about the head discriminator.  You talk about the guy who is.  Lays down the most boundaries and standards.  You see this is his creation.”

Shirley Phelps


I came across this clip on CNN.  The clip was a report on a demonstration outside of the Kansas church.  The demonstrators are calling for an end to the hateful speech that is preached from the pulpit in Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).  They decided to bring awareness to the public that Phelps hateful tongue does not speak for all Christians.

I find it strange that Phelps considers himself to be a Calvinist.  What would Calvin say about, “God is the about most intolerant”?  Would any intolerant God offer grace at all?

There is a twisted understanding of the Gospel message present here.  I am saddened by the lack of love in this message carried by WBC.  Where is the outcry against this flawed religion.  If God is intolerant and the head discriminator than I want nothing to do with it all.

It is funny how God becomes what we hide in the dark recesses of our hearts and minds.  I bet we all will be surprised to discover what God is.  WBC is so wrapped up in what they hate they are becoming ineffective for the transformative message of Jesus.  They are what is fundamental wrong with a Gospel rendering rooted in division, hate, and exclusiveness.  They are playing God.

I do not see the sovereignty of God in the hateful actions of WBC.  If they truly believe that God rules all then how is this demonstrated in their actions?  They seek to be agents of salvation.  This salvation arrives not in Jesus but the adherence to the message preached by Phelps.

WTF Fred?  Would Jesus be cool with you damming folks because they do not believe what you define Jesus’ message?  You can string along verse after verse in your sermons.  It does not change that fact you as abusing the scriptures to support your interpretation.  Mind you it is an interpretation founded in modern alarmism and self delusion.

I say, “Have any of you bothered to crack the Bible and read what it says?”  Sir I believe that Jesus will be pissed when he returns and you might receive a can of whoop ass.  Nope that is what you would expect.  You are recipient of love, grace, and forgiveness.  Just like all the GLBT loving folks you viciously condemn.

18 thoughts on “Intolerant God lays smack down…

  1. Timothy says:

    First, amen on Phelps. He preaches an evil, misguided “gospel”, if it could even be called that. Second, I am intrigued by the idea of God being intolerant (or tolerant) for that matter. One question that comes to mind is, “Intolerant of what?” Is God simply tolerant of sin now? Jesus came, so sin doesn’t matter? Grace is poured out upon us, so there are now no consequences for sin? We are justified and made right with God, but if you look around here we see the consequences of sin everywhere. Not just in the broken relationships we witness all around us, but with those people who because of their sin are blinded to the very love and grace that would free them from it. I think God is intolerant of that… intolerant of sin because sin fractures that connection between God and humanity and humanity and the rest of humanity. We are justified in God’s eyes because of Christ, but still live in a world that is…. well like it is. On some level, there is (and probably needs to be) a difference between God loving us and God loving what we do. And that leaves room for growth and transformation and discipleship.

  2. Brian, the shirts are cool! Any chance of getting one on a baseball t-shirt? I bet you could talk Joe Camel into being a spokesperson and personality for TC. He is sort of retired these days.

  3. Putting people on the defense about the beliefs they hold as dear as we hold ours is definitely not going to win anyone over.

    Who are the demonstrators? I wonder if they are Christians who are against the hate or if they are all together against religion. Maybe if we, as Christians took more responsibility to counter these people The truth would be more evident. I feel like I have to say everyday to someone that they can believe in Christ, despite being gay or an alcoholic, etc. I kind of believe people have to come to God before they see the error of their ways, or if they are errors.

  4. Dannah, please explain a bit more,”I kind of believe people have to come to God before they see the error of their ways, or if they are errors.”

    I am having a difficult time understanding the last part, “if they are errors.”

    BTW, the demonstrators are Christian. The most dangerous thing in the world is “TRUTH”…

  5. I should have said “the error of their ways, or if their ways are even errors” or something like that. I didn’t mean that the people are errors…
    I just mean that until one comes to God they may not be able to see as clearly where things aren’t working, are working, or where their mistakes are. That has been my experience. I had to accept first that God wants me and cares before I could even really think that what I do matters. After I accepted that I have been led to make changes, but not in the way I would have thought. I needed God in my life, but I definitely was put off from thinking religion was for me for many years- because of things like the hateful speech and intolerance.

  6. grant says:

    i have a hard time listening to people when they liken a persons sexual preference to a disease ie..

    “despite being gay or an alcoholic, etc”

    maybe one finds themselves defending their beliefs because of comparisons like the above?

  7. Ryan, No absolutely not. It just that a person doesn’t know it’s God if they aren’t thinking in those terms. “they may not be able to see” as I said above. And I didn’t say Christian, I just said God.

    Grant, I see where it sounded like I was lumping homosexual preference with a disease, but I totally don’t believe that. I added alcoholic because I work with a lot of alcoholics and they frequently say they have problems with God. There’s not so much hate speech towards alcoholics, but they feel rejected much of the time buy those churches. That is also what I meant by “if they are even errors” meaning what they do or how they are, because I don’t think being gay is an error. Some things are, but I’m talking generally.

  8. I think my position on this isn’t exactly clear. I was agreeing with you, and when I said… “Putting people on the defense about the beliefs they hold as dear as we hold ours is definitely not going to win anyone over.” I was talking about what Phelps is doing. I think he’s putting people on the defense.

    And, I’m glad the demonstrators were Christians, I think we as Christians should demonstrate against these things- so the TRUTH will be more accessible.

    I forget when I’m blogging that people don’t know me. I am not at all traditional when it comes to religion, but my faith IS very important to me. Read my blog!

  9. Dannah,
    I am sorry if it feels like you are being attacked. I apologise if it is coming off like this.

    It is difficult when conversing on blogs. I appreciate and value your opinion and the diversity of opinions that are out there.

    Thank you for your comments. I enjoy reading your blog BTW. I wish I could subscribe to it. Any chance that you will get an RSS feed?

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