What is evil?


I watched King of Kong the other day. It is a documentary that follows the journey of a man that seeks to unseat the reigning Donkey Kong world champion. As he does he encounter difficulty and injustice from the current champs crew.

I was moved by the underdogness of the challenger. I found myself wanting the mighty to fall. I judged the champ to be an unjust heathen and grew pleased with his fall. I got very angry.

I wondered after the film, where I am being challenged by the film. I love the underdog. I relate to God in this way. I see the preferential option of the poor demanding retribution from the rich to console the poor and oppressed. I align myself with the poor and feel kinship there.

Am I really a part of them? I am a privileged white man in a country full of consuming Anglo testosterone filled apes.

God forgiven me of what I do and do not do. I try to distance myself from systemic injustice. Perhaps this adds to the injustice. I pray I find a more vulnerable way to love you.

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