The Cap 10 K 2008

This morning Mere and I ran the Capital 10,000 fun run in Austin.  It was fun.  We ran as it rained cats and dogs.  The rain started as we waited to begin the race on the south side of the Congress Bridge.  It stopped at mile 5, close to 6.

We slogged through the puddles and the crowds.  It was an amazing morning.  I managed to shave over a half an hour for my time last year, coming in at just under an hour and a half.  

The snacks they handed out were not as good as last year.  The bands were cool.  I loved the high school marching band perched under the underpass playing jazz, the high school drum line, and the steel drum band.

All in all today was a good day.  I hope that next year I can run a 10K in 70 minutes.  I think I may try and document the progress towards that goal here on this site.  If you have any advice or tips on training and stuff leave them in the comments section.

Palabra tu Madre! 

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