I had a dream last night…

I fell asleep in front of the TV last night using the sleep mode. I was in deep sleep and sort of woke up and thought it was early morning. I glanced at the blinds leading to the dawning world and realized it was still dark.

I turned my attention towards the TV and noticed it was on. The strangest part was…freaking Tyra Banks was on the tube. I turned off the TV and rolled back to sleep. Then I thought to myself, “Tyra Banks is being used to send a message from God.”

What could the Lord be trying to say to me via Tyra. I have no love for her. I think she is self absorbed and…well lame. So why is she being used to wake me? I laughed to myself and went back to sleep.

I awoke this morning and thought about Tyra. I still have no clue what Tyra was trying to bring me. I think I am just overlooking the mystery of God. I hope to spend today in meditation and prayer to discover what God wants me to hear.

If Paul, Jerry, Jim & Tammy Faye, Jimmy, and Pat can bring words of wisdom to the world then why not Tyra. Tyra is moving into a new realm. She is going prophet while others in this world are going country.

Tyra is offering a new service. The ability to awaken the heart of all and inspire a new way. She is the living embodiment of transformation on a road. The interpreter of dreams and she is still totally fabulous and stuff.

In other news, I have been accepted by University of Texas at Austin, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Louisville into their Master of Social Work programs. Mere and I are awaiting news on a residency program she interviewed for near Philadelphia. I await news on a few calls I applied for in Oklahoma, Iowa, and Pennsylvania. We have no idea what we will do. We are seeking discernment of where we should go.

It is an amazing time for all.

I have begun a few new books.

Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction: Christianity & The Battle for the Soul of a Nation by Rodney Clapp


A book of Ottoman Lyric Poetry


Plastic Jesus: Exposing the Hollowness of Comfortable Christianity by Eric Sandras


4 thoughts on “I had a dream last night…

  1. Congrats on the acceptances! Philly is not far from here. Carol is brewing something exciting. I hope that it works out it would be really cool. We have been working on strategery all day.


  2. hi-hi. i guess i’m going to give the emergent folk another try. i’m going to a conference titled, “emerging church for the existing church” here in Denver next month. good to see you back on the blog.

  3. Ha! I always wonder what exactly makes a prophet a REAL one. How do you know?? But, I’d say you prob. don’t have to worry about what God was trying to say to you through Tyra.

    I love how you’ve turned falling asleep with the TV on into a prophetic direction. You did miss blogging! I’m glad you’re back too, I enjoy your posts. 🙂

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