A letter to Presbymergent.

I have been uncomfortable with a few things.  I love the emerging idea of a new vision of “the church”.  It is full of hope and an amazing energy that inspires me.  It is exciting and I pray speading like a wild fire.

There is just one thing.  I believe that the Presbymergent movement is not going far enough.  I am motivated to be a part of this community to love mercy, walk humbly with God, and to act justly.  I see the possibilities of the Presbymergent movement to be agents of mercy, humility, and justice in this world in profound ways.

We seek to embrace the cultural influence that pillows the church.   To use Carol’s laguage, we seek to understand the tribal languages that gather around the margins and in the sanctuaries of secular culture.  We desire a new way to be church, to be the children of God.  We demand a new paridigm to witness to the transforming love of Christ.

I am thankful for this movment, it has shown me that I am not alone in my hopes, dreams, and call to ministry.  There are others that have felt that tugging of their hearts.  We have answered the Lord saying, “Here I am?!?”  We do not shed our brokeness, our preconcived notioins, our condition.  God calls us in the context we find oursleves.

Why do you call me?  I am not the minister type.  I do not look, act, or think like a minister.

Presbymergent has given me the foothold I needed in the gathered community.  It has blessed me with a place to be myself.  They are my tribe.

It may be due to my inability to read everyones blog on a daily basis.  It may be my ignorance.  It may be my idealistic heart and my unrealistic expectations that we can be a called people faithful to our call and exist in this world.

I wonder if we are going far enough to embrace just actions, the love of mercy, and the humble walking with God.  What do we want from the denomination?  What common thread binds us together.  Christ!  I get it.  The Emerging Church Movement is a posture and not a formula or model for others to follow to become emergent.  ECM is not a band aid to cover the wounds of the church.  The ECM is ambiguous and real.  It is a gesture towards a better way.  It gestures towards a simple faith with dynamic actions of love in service to this world.

I want to see Presbymergent to love mercy and call for the end of the death penalty.  I want to see us demand fair and just immigration policies.  I want to see us fight the injustice of the producer/consumer mentality of this culture that binds us to the world.   I want us to take a stand against the injustice of excluding  all that are called to serve the church (Homosexuality is NOT an Abomination!).   I want to see  responsible actions that consider the other.  I want us to be agents of transformation of the  church in all that we do.  We call ourselves “Loyal Radicals”   when will we be truly radical?   When do we sacrifice for what we  believe in?

We are leaders in the church.  Folks are looking to us to be imaginative, prophetic, and vulnerable.  We are being called out.

I pray we get the courage to be the people of God that we are called to be.  I really want to say, “I want to fuck shit up for Jesus.  I want to challenge the status quo.  I want to rebel against the “good old boys”.  I want to bring the discrimination out of the shadows.  I want to never be the same.  I want to be a living sacrifice.  I want all this and I want to be a Presbyterian minister.  Is there room for me at the table?”

6 thoughts on “A letter to Presbymergent.

  1. Sir, if there is no place for you then I am leaving! We may have to make a place. Carol and I are interested in church planting. I think that is where we would have the most influence on the church’s future.

    Carol was saying that you are going to Montreat and that I am expected to get a tat on my shoulder. I probably will not be at Montreat, but I like that tattoo idea. When are ya’ll going to come up our way? We have space and are close to all the fun stuff. Carol’s church is not far from all the D.C. action.


  2. Dude… if there isn’t room for you then there isn’t room for me either. We are all in this together; just keep fighting and keep knitting that WTFWJD sweater, and keep caring…. especially keep caring. We all want this to work, and are all seeking our prophetic voices. It is just going to take time, time to screw up and time to succeed, time to find a position–a rock, a pulpit, an overturned box–on which to stand and be heard.

    Keep up the fight, friend.

  3. I just got in on this Presbymergent thing, thanks to Neal, but as someone who isn’t really THAT into being on the computer(yeah I like it, but I’m really trying to use it as a tool and not a way of life) I wonder if there’s anything else. That’s why I’m trying to meet people I “meet” online in person eventually. I’m not in the “business” of church, by vocation, but I love what Presbymergents talk about. I do have one thing to say about it though… If I weren’t friends with Neal I’d never have heard about it, even being a Presbyterian, I’m still not sure what it is, but I know I’m interested!! You guys should reach out to churches maybe? As I said, I don’t really know what’s being done, but I’ll pay attention.

  4. Elmwood,
    It is more of an open letter of vision and hope. I do hear some folks say ECM and Presby is this way or that way. I just wanted to express another way to look at emerging theology, missiology, and hope.

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