What Up?!? Jesus has risen! He has risen indeed!

Alleluia! Alleluia! This Easter I ponder the encounter with God I have had this Lenten season. My mind wanders from the face to the other to the same and back to the face. I have explored the reality of my faith as I enter into church leadership.


I could not describe my spiritual journey over these last days better than Johnny Cash did in his song, “I Came to Believe”. The lyrics are as follows, “couldn’t manage the problems I laid on myself. And it just made it worse when I laid them on somebody else. So I finally surrendered it all brought down in despair. I cried out for help and I felt a warm comforter there. And I came to believe in a power much higher than I. I came to believe that I needed help to get by. In childlike faith I gave in and gave him a try. And I came to believe in a power much higher than I. Nothing worked out when I handled it all on my own. And each time I failed it made me feel twice as alone. Then I cried, “Lord there must be a sure and easier way. For it just cannot be that a man should lose hope every day.” Yes, I came to believe in a power much higher than I”

It has been 44 days since my last post. I am very pleased that I took some time away from blogging. I did not fulfill everything that I had hoped for. I broke just about everything but the non blogging item.

I also have good news! I have been accepted into the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Louisville! We are still waiting on a few other option, such as Chaplin at the University of Pennsylvania (I totally think I am the Chaplin for the job!!!) and campus minister in a few universities.

In case you have not noticed I have created a new blog. I have decided to leave “If I should fall from grace with God…” behind and form a new blog for a new beginning. I did import the posts, which may defeat the intended purpose of a new beginning.

I have decided to call this blog “The Fettered Heart”. It is a nod to my favorite hymn “Come Thou Font.” I move from four years of “If I should fall from grace with God…” into a new era of “The Fettered Heart” with a deeper sense of call and a ravenous hunger for the mystery of God.

It is my hope to offer deeper insight into the world of faith which surrounds me. I also hope to write more meaningful and insightful pieces on culture and faith that construct the reality I find myself in (and perhaps the reality to which you also occupy).

I am working on a few new posts on the post-fundamental world, punk and emergent, and the meaning of ordination to ministry.


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