Lenten Season, Voter Season…

I love Lent! I love love love it. Why?

I get to self loath with purpose and faithfulness!

I struggle with what to do for Lent. I have fasted once a week. I have given up food, drink, bad personal habits. I have also added prayer, silence, abstinence from habits and or random stuff.

I wrestle with what to do this year. This is my last one prior to leaving seminary (I hope!). I better make it a good one. I want to succeed in a sacrificial and devotional posture that proves I am repentant and remorseful of what I have done and what I have not done.

What to do?

I seek to control my environment in this practice. I hope to lose weight so I dream of fasting my way to a healthy physique and spiritual life. I hope to become pious and righteous, so I pray and read the Bible. Just so I can get the proper attention and adoration of a scholar and saint.

This year I have considered two things; giving up all forms of visual stimulating entertainment (TV and movies) and leaving it up to y’all.

So I open the vote to you on Strove Tuesday, perhaps it is super to you as well…

Vote in the comments section. Thank you for participating in the election of my ecclesiastic future.

9 thoughts on “Lenten Season, Voter Season…

  1. Tim says:

    The purpose of all that “giving up of stuff” is suppose to be freedom and freeing others. Isa. 58:1-12. So what would set you free or free others?

  2. Pappy McVulgar says:

    $106,000 would set me free. I am not sure God is in the business of giving folks money during Lent.No internet usage, say for email would free up time to serve more in the community…the poll is technically for suggestions. It does not matter what I want to do for Lent. I am subject to my readers.

  3. Matthew says:

    Oooo good vote Tim, I like that idea, “no shoes for you!” Or you could join me and doodle for Lent, I found a new book that has a different way to pray and I’m diggin it.So if all your other suggestions fail to provide you with some freedom, doodle.

  4. Katrina says:

    i think you should give up self-loathing for lent and spend the season rejoicing in the created being you are. spend the time meditating on the fact that you have been created in the IMAGE OF GOD. that’s something to celebrate. now that would be a challenge!

  5. Jenevieve says:

    I’m a bit late, but I would say using Lent to find a material (e.g., real and tangible) way to reach out to others in Christ every day during Lent. Talking to strangers, giving money or time to organizations, babysitting for friends, etc.Or, putting money in a jar for a Scotland trip.

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