Me love you long time…

I have been touched, tagged, or called out by Kendra to share some of my loves. I am not too sure what the parameters are. She could not say a) [her] husband (JT), b) diet coke, nor c) [her] dog, or the book of Mormon (which is the only thing that is love).
It did not have to be a poem…

So here in a random format are some of my loves.

I love hot fresh boxed macaroni and cheese (KRAFT!) with no milk and a spot of butter. I also use only half the noodles so it is very cheesy.

I love giggling children. It is best this happens after 10am and with a full nights rest.

I love the way Mere sometimes looks at me. She has beautiful eyes.

I love unexpected conversations that dive deep into my soul and dance in poetic symmetry. It is these conversations that refresh and invigorate me.

I love newness. I love being foreign. I love being n the margins. I love complaining about it. I love being a bit different.

I love movies that make me laugh, think, and move me from my donkey stance into a new platform of questions.

I love nature and the still calm at dusk and dawn.

I love encouraging people.

I love my family.

I love Dr. Pepper.

I love burritos and tacos, and enchiladas.

I love the idea of being a vegetarian. I long to be vegetarian. I am working my way words this goal.

I love my call to minister to folks. I could not imagine doing nothing else than hang out with people and walk with them as they journey in faith and question truth.

I love cool summer nights and chatting with friends.

I love breezes on those cool summer nights.

I love worship and leading worship.

I love blogging and my blogging community.

2 thoughts on “Me love you long time…

  1. astrocero says:

    i love(d) an evening night in Chavez with my obnoxious brother, a pepsi, and a dodger dog, no matter in the boys win or loose, these are forever some of my favorite memories, and i am glad we got to do it(also insert day game in the middle of the week that you played hokey from work to see) “grant get ready i just called in sick we got a game to catch!”or late night 7-11 runs with randal and talking shit all night.the dragon’s lair in Austin, i miss that.

  2. Kendra says:

    i understand if you’re a fan of Kraft, but have you ever had Annie’s mac and cheese? I especially like the white cheddar shells. I don’t think I can ever be FULLY vegetarian. I give the semi-veg a try… but sometimes…you just want MEAT.

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