B-A-L-I, its just the salt in my eye

It is day ten or something here. I have not converted one heathen. I am a bit sad about that. The land is beautiful and I can see why the Dutch wanted to rule here.

I am tired these days. There massages in ten days or so can do that to a fella.

We have visited the most amazing temples here. Today we meet with local leaders from the Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim communities. It went well until a Muslim stood up and told everyone that the 9/11 event was made up and that it was a cargo plane on a sound stage that blew up so America could go to war with Islam.

It was pretty intense and still is.

We leave for Java on Monday morning. I am excited about this. We fly out of Denpensar to Yogakarta then to Solo then to Surabya and then to Hong Kong and finally home to Austin via Vancouver.

It has been a wonderful trip. I am pondering these questions: What does it mean to be a Christian in a pluralistic America? Why do we have to sell Jesus? Where is the faith and confidence in accepting pother religions and loving them and working with them on social justice issues?

Blessing and peace!

P.s. Monica’s butt is sick. She wanted y’all to know. And I went to McDonalds here in Kuta and it sucked like back home. I love the sarmoza’s. They are amazing. Tonight I go out and have a late diner and beers.

5 thoughts on “B-A-L-I, its just the salt in my eye

  1. Karen Wagner says:

    Instead of selling Jesus, can we not proclaim our experience of God that we have found in Jesus Christ who is the divine made human?

  2. Matt says:

    When were we ever commanded to sell Jesus? I think Jesus has many ways of persuading us that are much more intimate and subtle than salesmanship.

  3. Neal Locke says:

    Dude — I found yer’ blog! I was looking for it, because I quoted you in mine (although that article won’t post until tomorrow afternoon). Since you’re in Bali, I’ve gotta ask — do they call it India Pale ale in India, or just Pale Ale?Take care, and blessings on your return voyage.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, when I was in quala lampur I converted easily a whole frickin bunch of people by giving them a tenfold wrap of snickers bars.

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