Bali Ho!

I am off to Indonesia and a three week vacation.

I am excited by this opportunity. I wonder what is in store for this trip.

I am a bit nervous because I hate flying, some people have filled my head with thoughts of kidnapping, and I will miss all of the good bowl games.

Thus begins my last semester in seminary. I hope! God willing, I will be married in May in addition to graduating from seminary.

With so much closure in my life I am very uncertain of what is in store for the future. I guess this is normal for everyone.

I hope to hear back from the graduate schools I applied to. I applied to New Mexico State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Louisville, Colorado State University, and University of Texas, Austin all for a Masters of Social Work.

I really hope I get in to one of these programs. I would be pretty bummed if I get denied by all of them.

Mere and I were talking about this last night. She is scared that I will get into all of the programs and she will be accepted to an internship in another city. She applied to internships in Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

I think it would be cool to get into anywhere.

Have a good year and see y’all when I return.

I shall abide.


3 thoughts on “Bali Ho!

  1. Matt says:

    That’s one heck of a vacation you’ve got going on there. Keep us updated! Also, I don’t know if I missed the info, but when and where will your wedding be?

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