Some folks believe that I 35 is prophesized on the book of Isaiah.

It seems that some folks want to use tax dollars to build a highway for the Lord. Seriously, what can be said about this? This is freaking crazy. I dig seeking to pray for transformation and reconciliation for creation. I am very bothered by the presumption that their way to understand and worship God is more Holy and pure.

Their prophetic voice sounds like BS. It is cryptic and exclusive. It looks a lot like their political slant and I doubt the Catholics need more Holy Spirit juice than anyone else.

It sticks of racism and fundamental conformist hoo haa.

This is proof of the punishment that haunts I35.

  • San Antonio: Remember the Alamo
  • Austin: University of Texas tower shooting on August 1, 1966 (16 dead)
  • Waco: 1993 Branch Davidian conflagration (79+ dead)
  • Dallas: 1963 Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • Oklahoma City: 1995 bombing and collapse of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building (168 dead, 853 injured)
  • Wichita: 2000 Wichita Horror (4 tortured and killed)
  • Wichita: The BTK serial killer (10+ dead)
  • Kansas City: 2007 Shopping Mall shooting (3 dead)
  • Mason City, Iowa: 1993 5 people murdered by the first woman on death row since 1953
  • Minneapolis: August 1, 2007 bridge collapse

Remembering these tragedies brought to our attention the need for repentance and healing to occur along I-35. On August 15, 2006, Cindy Jacobs declared this over the cities of I-35, “This is a time of uprooting of the ancient things in my cities that have stopped My glory and power from manifesting. Uproot corruption, pornography, abortion, homosexuality, terrorism, violence and any other thing that opposes My will.” Click here to read the entire Royal road for His glory prophecy.

Pray for God to remove the roots of violence in your city. Repent on behalf of the bloodshed that has occurred and ask for God’s cleansing and forgiveness to cover the land. Let’s prepare the highway for our God!

They forget the tragic events in Colorado, California, Florida, and Washington DC (these tragedies occur daily). I32 does not run near these cities.

It hurts me to think that some folks desire the truth so bad that they are willing to corruptly own it and try to sell it to others a the end of a gun. Shame. Shame.

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