15 years ago I would have kicked my own ass.

Stayed in on a Friday night to watch a movie on public TV.
Stayed home Saturday night to listen to the California State Football Championships on internet radio.

Centennial should not be playing DLS. BHS should be in there playing DLS.

I am commenting on a chat room as I listen to this high school football game being played on the West Coast. I believe I have hit a new low.

I am now taunting folks online that are also listening to this game…

These kids cannot freaking spell. They use stuff I am no longer equipped to decipher.

They get so mad over nothing.

I just got called a c^*%$@*$er! That is funny. I am now being told to eat something not so tasty. Hmmmm, now I am a homosexual. Wow! It is strange to see what these folks are responding to. It is just a football game. They do not like to be reminded of this. I suppose if you are listening to a high school football game online you got to act tough as often as you can.

I bet these kids get picked on a lot. They will probably never go to a dance or get caught smoking pot in the parking lot. They perhaps are the equivalent of my days AV team. Go figure?

Well I cannot judge. I played D&D on Friday nights with my overweight, high friends. We would smoke cigarettes and perhaps some drugs…then play D&D all night! Seriously for 8 to 10 hours a night.

Plus I am listening to a high school football game online and talking trash to so kids or others about it. I am boring.

It is the third quarter…first down for Centennial. A gain of 2. 2nd down and 8. fake to Bass up the middle. Pass to carpenter for a gain to 2. it is now 3rd and 6. Scott with the option up the middle for 2 more yards. 4th down and 4. Going for it…1 min left in 3rd quarter. A sweep to the left by Posey and gets 7 yards for a first down.

This is a sample of what I am listening to. WOW.

Touchdown Centennial! De La Salle 31 Centennial 24! What a come back. Now into the 4th quarter!

The saddest part is I am totally enjoying listening to this game. I stopped talking trash to the kiddies. They got far too violent and crash. I am not against vulgar language. I was tired of reading the stuff they suggested I do with my sexually confused self.

Centennial with another touchdown!

De La Salle had a 31- 7 lead beginning the 2nd half. It is now 31-31 in the middle of the 4th.

I like to see DLS lose.

They did not. DLS 37 Centennial 31.

Birmingham should have played in this game.

Good night folks.

3 thoughts on “15 years ago I would have kicked my own ass.

  1. McKnitter says:

    We are definitely not the most exciting couple anymore. You listened to high school football, I watched Scrubs online. Sigh…

  2. Tim says:

    What the hell has happened to you both? You both would have made my top ten cool people list. Would have…. as in the past. It is a sad day.

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