The Last Night of 2007 in the Stitt Library

I have worked here in the library for less than a year now. It has been an interesting time. The Mondays with RTQ and the Wednesdays with MF Dees have provided some fond memories. Y’all have read about some of them on this very blog.

This being the last night of the year of our Lord of 2007 MF Dees and I thought it was apropos to celebrate the evening with some sort of milestone or marker if you please. We decided to not check out any books this evening. In an Ebenezer like move we locked down the shelves of ye olde Stitt and fashioned a sign proclaiming that the library was no longer able to lend its contents due to an accounting error by one Bob Cratchet.

Giggles ensued. Some snickered and jeered. But dear friends it was Dees and I that leered! We went on our way so merry and gay. Scribbling and writing the papers that were due. People passed and went on their way. But not one book was checked out thus this day.

The juniors dared not step foot in the night toward the library as it stood o’ so bright. A few middlers were there with exhaust. Seeking confidence that all was not lost. The seniors present were only but two, Dees and I present would have to make do.

Wishing for a fireplace in this space, we lamented the fact that we were cold. Out of no where like a fierce crashing bear. Someone was standing with book in hand seeking to liberate it from this land.

Dees and I looked at each other with a puzzled and perplexed look. We gazed at the sign which was made with great care, to ensure it that it was indeed still there. Back to the fellow with the book.

Have you read the sign was our general reply. Which was meet with a blank stare. I need this book for a paper that is due, will you please not make haste. For I have not a second to waste.

Did he not see the sign that is there, placed with gentle tender care. The library is not here to lend any of its stuff this night. Please take your hand away, I asked with delight.

You may beg or plead I will not be swayed. Not one book shall leave here under my eyes. He steamed and stammered and started to speak. Then there it was fleeting his breath it did reek. I stood up from the stool I was sitting in. I leaned over and pointed you freak!

He backed away and clinched his fist. I offered my chin so he would not miss. With all might and glory he did unleash, his hand sent flying in hyperspace. I blocked it with the same book he tried to liberate…

I startled myself as I woke up. With drool on the desk and red of my cheek. I laughed at myself for what I had dreamed. A battle royal that happens in the Stitt. That is not possible after that last time the robots attacked RTQ and I.

I was dreaming and stuff. It was not real. I thought to myself. Man I need to go home and watch Farrell’s Elf.

But seriously folks we don’t want to check out the books. So do us a favor tonight and stay away from here. Perhaps we’ll close early and go get a beer.

3 thoughts on “The Last Night of 2007 in the Stitt Library

  1. Horace Borishnakov says:

    Got dammit card with bride photo on it. now feeling good, like fish and grain and vodka! Ha! wishing you both the well, yes!

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