The Annunciation

My friend Dani has been exploring silence and surprise these days. I was blessed with this painting the other day and it reminded me of Dani’s questions. I will never be pregnant. I can only imagine what it would have been like for Mary to bear the Christ child. I bet she was excited, surprised, nervous, awed…

What does this time prior to the birth of Christ mean to the Body? What is the appropriate posture to take?

I personally do not like surprises. I get to excited when i buy a gift for someone. I have to give it to them as soon as possible. I am a little better with being surprised. I try to not think about the possibilities. If I do I am up all night pondering.

God could have redeemed, reconciled, transformed creation at any moment and in any means. Why was the birth of a baby chosen? Why the pregnancy of a teenage girl to bring form this beautiful and cosmic event?

That is the awe I hold. That is what is evoked in this painting for me…

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