A new vision

I am tired these days. The end is just about insight. I have been spent this morning reading up on my blogs. I found a spirited discussion again on Carol’s blog.

I wanted to share with y’all my vision for a new way to enter ministry in the PCUSA.

What we need is a draft! All viable candidates (viable is a decent word that shall be left to be filled in by any and all people that care to) shall be placed on a board. With skills, interests, gift, and such listed so the drafting congregations know what they are getting into.

The draft participants are ranked with gender being only a slight advantage to the fellas. This is a draft after all. The will be a combine at all 10 Presbyterian seminaries to rank and categorize the candidates. It will be fabulous! Man there will be coffee, donuts, and chatter.

When I am preaching in the combine folks (other potential candidates) will heckle me and seek to distract me! That will be awesome.

The events to test and rank the potential candidates will consist of Preaching with sermon exegeses proof, pastor care/counseling in a crisis, engaging the youth, creating a worship space, proper use of the BoO, BCW, and all decent and orderly forms. The final round is a Bible Bowl forum with spirit leaders and a huge mascot of Moses, Abraham, Peter, Jesus, Paul, or Barth.

The drafting congregations will be ordered according to need, local contribution to GA, mission service, the buzz surrounding the congregation. They to will also have a combine. They get to gather and discuss how pious, great, and/or Biblically literate they are.

To make things fair there will be a priority for the smaller rural and urban churches. The lager (mega or not so mega) churches may only draft if needed. They must sell their picks to the smaller churches for the first series of new born Biblically literate children available. This may be satisfied by a compulsory round of Paper, Rock, Scissors.

I hope that this will provide a more level playing field for the ministry. After all it is all about Jesus and we all know that besides Jesus believing and thinking just like “I do”, Jesus wants to give all sorts of money and stuff. It is what Jesus wants to Do!

3 thoughts on “A new vision

  1. Karen Wagner says:

    I like your system except the whole gender thing. Dude, if you want to level the playing field, then let’s actually level it. There needs to be a screened segment so there is not difference in race either. Bring it on bad boy.

  2. Pappy McVulgar says:

    I look forward to the race! I am pretty swift these days! Wait, did you mean race? Like on white, black, and brown? I am all for that too!I am so heckling you at the combine!

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