Not much going on here…

I am knee deep into Islamic papers. I am seeking to write 4 five page papers on Islam and Christian relations.

These are the topics I must pick from to write on:

Can A Christian accept Muhammad as a prophet? What would that mean?

Explore the concept of tawhid. Do Christians de-emphasize the unity of God? To what consequence?

So, what’s wrong with law? What do you see in the Islamic legal process that is attractive?

Islam and Judaism have developed complex systems of law. Christianity has not. What is gained and what is lost by having, or not having, religious law?

Can we develop a theology of the Trinity based on Ibn al-Arabi’s thought?

Write on the experience of prayer. How was it different from your usual experience of prayer?

Do you see “orientalism” still operative? How and to what effect?

The US Constitution affirms a separation of church and state. How can one imagine the importance of religion to the state?

I also am trying to finish a ten page paper for my comparative religions course.

I must pick to of the following questions:

The Buddhists speak of upaya, “skillful means,” as an important aspect of what they teach, or perhaps the totality of what they teach. Are there comparable teachings in some of the other traditions? Would any tradition that we have covered speak of their teachings in a similar manner? Is (for example) Talmud “skillful means?” Or bhakti? Or jnana? Or mitzvot? Shari`a? (Don’t be limited to these terms – they are suggestive only.)

“Religion” has sometimes been described, in Christianity, as “the service and worship of God.” How useful is this definition in the traditions we have studied. Is the understanding of the function or nature of “God” the same in every tradition? Is “service and worship” comparable in various religious traditions, or is this terminology too “Christian” to use elsewhere?

We are used to thinking of religions as discrete entities, like boxes. You are this, or you are that. Describe some situations where this is not so clear, either in the nature of a tradition, or historically. Where, how, or when, can one be part of two traditions, or in some other ambiguous situation? How does that work?

I then must write a ten page paper on a Bible study series using one of the methods that we have been studying in class. I am looking forward to this one a lot.

When I am done with this I need to finish a book review for a professor. I must also update a blog for the senior preaching class.

All of this by Friday December 14th.

I pray I may do it. Then I must finish the five applications to graduate school for the MSW. Those are due buy the end of December. I could truly use some prayer these next few weeks. Blessings and Peace.

In case you would like to know. I am going to get my ticket punched. I mean I am going to get ordained in the PCUSA. I will do what ever I must do to accomplish this.

p.s.s Dani the word verification on this post was sethqxg. That should be Seth’s nickname.

One thought on “Not much going on here…

  1. BCDees says:

    I daresay your title belies the amount of work you have going on… nevertheless, best of luck with all that. For better or worse, it will be over next Friday and we will be headed to the South Pacific shortly thereafter. Word.

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