What I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. For the most part this is true. I am counting on the grace of Christ to amend the wrongs of this year. I thought I would list some stuff I am hoping for as a celebration of the gifts the the wise men gave little baby Jesus and the gift that Jesus is to creation.

I would like four(4) five(5) page papers one on post modern Islam, another on The call to Islam, one on Islam in American: music [punk, rock, hardcore], and a paper on Islam as a public religion in America and the consumer mentality of America.

I would like to be accepted to one of the five programs I am applying for. I am hopeful that a full scholarship would accompany the deal.

I would like to finish one of the books I am and have been writing for the last three years and for it to get publish for enough money to pay off my seminary debt…maybe even the undergraduate debt as well.

I would also like to win the lottery and set up a foundation for sustainable development in developing areas of the globe. I may just give it to Dan Tyler of CWSEA to administer. Also a foundation for a scholarship for a student that perhaps/maybe should not be in seminary. Get more marginalized and minority voices to attend seminary.

I would also like this puppy. I would name him Paul or Walter. Yes Walter after Walter Sobchak for Lebowski and Walter Bruggemann my emerging favorite theologian.

3 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas

  1. Pappy McVulgar says:

    Thank you Tracy for your comment. That puppy is my happy place these days.I love Merton and that particular quote is especially meaningful to me.

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