My 2 cents worth…

I do not get LSU jumping 5 spots to meet Ohio State. It is bunk. You got to get it together and get a playoff series. Far to many BS items. We also need to set up a regional conference system, with everyone in a conference championship game. Set up 10 conferences with 12 teams each, one will have 11.

First round of playoffs has 16 teams(12/15).
Second round of playoffs has 8 teams(12/22).
Third round of playoffs has 4 teams(12/29).
Championship game has 2 teams(01/05).

A second tier of games may be played on the same dates to include the top teams not in the playoffs series. Sort of an NIT.

The regular season there are 10 games played by every team. There are no games allowed to be played between any team that is not in the same division. Meaning no more BS DI and DI-AA games.

The champion only plays 15 games and everyone plays 10.

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