Hear the Good News!

My friend Kendra asked the question, “What are your five favorite Gospel stories and why?” I invite you, readers, to do the same! Either here in the comments or on your blog.

1) I must say I have developed a new profound respect for Luke 23:33-43. I love the juxtaposition it holds between the death and birth of Jesus. It is a powerful notion. I will post my sermon on this pericope and show y’all.

2) Matthew 13:45-46, the Parable of the great pearl. I love this so much. It is the closest I have to describing the burning hunger I have for Jesus. I love the imagery of encounter, sacrifice, and transformation.

3) Mark’s “who do you say that I am (8:27-29)?” It is brilliant. I love this one for its depth and engagement as well. For me no other point in the Gospels does Jesus do rend my soul.

4) Mark 16. I love the chaos available here. The Gospel just ends! I just ends. Everyone is scared! Everyone is shiting their pants. It is powerful. I think that Mark is my favorite Gospel for this reason. I love Luke as well, but Mark kicks my pompous and depraved arse.

5) John 1:1-18. If this is not right, that Jesus became flesh and walked among creation as us, then I am a farce and so is Christianity. The Word became flesh and creation…

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