Just another Magic Wednesday night in biblioteca

It is pretty much dead around here. Say for the occasional straggler that photocopies a little of this or that we are alone. MF Dees and I are alone. Utterly. Alone.

I am starring at a poinsettia plant and seven green potted plants of various shapes and sizes. I have checked out three books and a movie. The movie being Little Women in VHS form. I will not say to whom this disaster was lent to, but it may or may not rhyme with Keredith Memp. I am just saying.

There is a Christmas tree in the reference room with a few shine balls of various colors hanging from its branches. I am almost finished with my senior sermon. I must say that I am pleased that I have invested a considerable amount of time on this endeavor. I sort of like what is coming of the exegetical work and preparation that seethes from the pages. I pray I may be a blessing on Friday. I just do not want to hurt anyone.

There is a display case in the biblioteca that asks the question, “What will you give birth to this Christmas?”

So I ask you this question. What will you give birth to this Christmas?


I just heard a noise upstairs. Was it a specter? I went over to investigate. I timidly approach. I call out, “Hello? Is anyone there?” I become fearful. I meekly move on toward the suspect noise. MF Dees has my back. I climb the stairs and call out again. MF Dees is up on the planter looking around.

“yes’ in a shallow voice. Is that someone I call out?

“Yes I am here.”

Thank God you are real and not a specter!

Just another night in the biblioteca.

I hate the strange nighttime noises that bump around here at night as we shut down. Man I am a chicken shit.

2 thoughts on “Just another Magic Wednesday night in biblioteca

  1. astrocero says:

    as kids, i used to laugh at how scarred you’d get about ghosts, i swear if you every saw one i think you’d drop dead, only to come back, because you’d be afraid to be a ghost. i loved watching horror movies with you, only because pop would never sit through them, and watch as you shake and wait for me to scare you, only to have you nervously yell boo to me, and relieve the tension that built up in you, you are the most god fearing chicken shit i know, only because pop is not a pastor, i am cool with ghosts only because i am sure it can’t hurt me, and bigfoot won’t fight me because he is scarred, and hides all the time. so booooo fucker. ps i am sure there is a sermon about the exorcist somewhere in your head.

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    remember when we used to hide under each others bed and grab the ankles of the bed owners so they would piss their panties.That was some fun stuff.

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