Luke 23:33-34

What is so heroic about a guy suffering and dying on a cross? What would I have done if I had witnessed this?

I sometimes wish that I could speak to Jesus. I dream of a time machine that would take me back to first century Palestine and the days of Jesus. What would I see and hear?

I would like to think this would make me a better Christian or follower of Christ. I bet it would not. I probably would be one of the folks yelling at Jesus and mocking him. I bet I threw shit at him. What would it solve to be there if I cannot always be here where God chose to bring me into being.

Now Being is another topic for another day. I struggle with that idea as well. What the heck is Being anyway? I gravitate towards the Eastern thought of all and nothing is the same and different. It is mental masturbation of the greatest degree!

May the Peace of Christ be upon you! Not the fate peace that you can get a the local Dollar General, but the real shit you spent nothing on and do not deserve kind of peace.

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