A new mission field?

Perhaps this might be a path to better youth ministry and outreach in general. This is another reason that Seth Rogan kicks arse!
Superbad – Cop Car Confessions featuring Ian Roberts on FunnyOrDie.com

I just may seek funding for the First Presbyterian Fight Club for Jesus.
Rule Number 1: Everyone talks about Fight Club.
Rule Number 2: Let the Spirit move violently in you.
Rule Number 3: Always turn the other cheek.
Rule Number 4: Those that are not fighting must be praying for those that are.

If this is not badass, hardcore enough for you then click here for GOD MEN! They are helpingJesus kick major ass near you. Go and fuck shite up in His name.

What “they” are saying about God Men…

“As a pastor, my job is to draw people into the Kingdom. We use whatever we can to make the message hit home. In the church setting with mixed genders and ages, there are just some topics you can’t hit hard enough to break through. That’s where an event…no, a movement like GodMen comes in. The focus lets the message burn deeper and breaks through those hidden layers in comfort zones where things hide. Even the best of us are still just men. We deal with man problems and man issues. We need platforms like GodMen where a man can really identify with what’s eating at his gut. Where you can hear someone a lot like you, who has already gone ahead and found the way out. We’ve had enough of laying back, covering up and being run over. It’s time to change the way we operate in this world as Christian men. Enough hiding out! Let’s get the skeletons out of the closet and clean house. If you asked me about GodMen in a sentence, I would say hard hitting and focus accurate for men today. If it’s coming anywhere near you, don’t miss it. It just might change your life.”
Kraig Wall
Senior Pastor, Father’s House Church – Franklin, TN

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