I almost hate to admit this…

LSU loses to Arkansas and I am excited. Triple overtime! Man that is exciting.

UT loses to A&M! It was about time UT gets kicked around. They have been inflated all season. This night they got a little bit of humility. Later Fran! It is good that you went out on a good note. I hope you land in a mid-major very soon. Just stay away from the e-mails and insider information. WHOOP!

I hope Mizzou wins over Kansas. Because Kansas is truly the property of the Kaw Nation. If we still owned the land then I would route for our boys.

Then I want OK to beat OSU. For the Gates boys. Sorry to the Tiger family. Then I want OU to beat Mizzou.

I also hope WV loses to UConn.

I would love to see BC open a can of whoop ass on Miami.

I want KU to beat Tennessee.

I will never say this again…I want FSU to beat Florida.

VT loses to UVA.

Just for Miles. I want Bama to win big over Auburn.

I want to see Notre Dame lose to Stanford and be sucky.

Go Buffs! I hope West Texas A&M wins tomorrow. It wold be neat.

I want USC to beat up on UCLA. UCLA to beat Oregon. I look to the Ducks as I see the Giants with despicable fury.

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