The Day After Yesterday.

It is the afternoon of Black Friday. I sort of like this name. It makes me feel like we are in some sort of market seizure. “Hey its Black Friday! You better go spend all of your money! If you do not the economy will be all jacked up and President Bush will have a blemish on his record. Please do not let this patriotic man be harmed like this. He has done so much for this country! He is a real American hero. Even Sgt. Slaughter seeks the autograph of President Bush.”

I am truly bothered by the value that is invested in gift giving during the holiday season. When did worth become associated with ones power to consume, purchase, and horde.

I imagine their faces when I think about all the shite I abuse.

Why don’t we all pool our resources together and empower folks to a sustainable viable future. Pay for a child’s education, increase the viability of a farm animal, rebuild a home in the Gulf area, or something like this. Let us give our time to others this holiday season. Let us focus on other and cause a real revolution in this society. Brothers and sisters, please do not be silent. Please go beyond the consumption model and serve others. Let your transformation shine!

Some sites that will help you in service to others are:

Oxfam America

Church World Service

Amnesty International

Ten Thousand Villages

Heifer Project

Changing the Present

2 thoughts on “The Day After Yesterday.

  1. astrocero says:

    perhaps there is validity to a vegan diet? perhaps the fact that we can feed ten times the people with a vegan diet than one that includes meat and animal products? that when we as americans awaken the juggernauts that is our pocket books and realize that it is really just a stick with a cup attached to the top with a ball, we live beyond our means, devour 25% of the worlds resource, and make up a fraction of its inhabitants. i am sad that the holidays are filled with material goods and less awareness of our fellow humans, this year i want a new american conscience for the holidays, and maybe a wii.

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    Grant, you have a point that I am having a difficult time in locating an argument against.Wait, I like cheese. I could do no meat. But I love cheese, milk, and butter.What would that be and what would it do to the earth.

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