I like today mostly. I have never fully embraced this day of thanks as it is predicated upon the take over and invasion of part of my ancestry. It is glossed over and part of a history that has never been engaged and that healing is not available to some folks.

It makes me think about healing and reconciliation that we engage in as followers of Christ. What part do we have in healing? Nouwen speaks to this in his book “The Wounded Healer.”

I mostly wish America would admit to fucking over the Native population. I wish an effective solution is empowering and lifting up all marginalized populations could be found. It saddens me that we can have thanks in the midst of so much suffering.

God please open our eyes to the hurt of the world and bless us with hearts to heal and walk with others in our own inequity.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…

  1. Matt says:

    What would it look like for America to admit to f-ing over the native population? I think that most people of our generation are aware of and ashamed of the actions of our nation in the past. How does America as a whole express that? (This is not an accusatory comment, but actually an earnest question for you. I have a few ideas what that might look like, I wonder what yours are.)

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    I would like an apologetic statement and acknowledgment from the government. This coupled with restoration of some ancestral lands and an end to the dole. It hurts me to have witnessed the bondage that exists in the native population. There is a shame that seems hang over their heads.I would also like for the nasty part of Thanksgiving history to not be ignored and be publicly spoken of.What are your thoughts?On the side how was your Scot Thanksgiving?

  3. Matt says:

    We were all sick for Thanksgiving, we’re actually going to do it up tomorrow with some people from the vet school.Upon thinking a little deeper, I actually have no idea what that admission would look like. I’m having a hard time recently conceptualizing what defines “America” which makes it hard to think how America could express anything in any sort of meaningful way. Moving to a part of the world where counties are smaller and have legitimate national character has made me realize how big and what a mess America is. That’s both good and bad.I did a google search and saw that there is an apology bill kicking around the Senate, it actually has been for a few sessions now. It’s pretty sad that after living for 4 years in a part of the country with a huge native population I had no idea the bill even existed. Worse, if it did somehow get through all the crap the Senate is dealing with right now I, along with the rest of the non-native population, probably wouldn’t even notice.It’s just a comic online, but here’s some public attention: OvercompensatingOn a tangent, have you seen the film Smoke Signals? It was made by an independent movie company in Spokane and takes place largely on the Cd’A reservation in Idaho. That is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  4. Ryan Pappan says:

    I owe the movie. It is a good film. I am sorry y’all are sick! Get well soon.I have been aware of that bill for a while. That is not the first or last bill. Just like the treaties from yore, “they” begin a process of admitting wrong and then string it along. It is disheartening when your identity is robbed from you and you are then told to just get over it. We must do better here in America in engaging other cultures without felling like we have to homogenize everyone into “American Culture.” It is fear based. This is why we are so reactionary to the terrorist thing. They have won because we fear. America will not back down because that is weakness and we are not weak. In fact we are fucking badass! We are the best! We are number 1! Matt I love this country. I learned that the American ideal and the American reality are very different. Just as the Christian ideal and the Christian reality are different. God help us all for what we do and for what we do not do.

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