Just another night in el biblioteca…

It is 5:45 pm
RTQ and I are board. So what do we do? We call up some friends and decide to have a Texas style luau in the reference room.

6:10 pm
We make a fire in the old chimney in there and get the coals going real good. We prepare the side of beef to roast. We prepare sausages from Elgin, Brisket from Leander, ribs from LLano and Luling. We got potato salad from Yokam, ice cream from Brennem, and even corn from somewhere in Oklahoma.

6:35 pm
Folks began to gather at the circulation desk for festivities to begin. RTQ stands on the desk and offers up a roaring speech. The masses get hungrier and more determined to celebrate with glorious passion. Rainbow Peppermint hollers into the air, “Lick yer chops, it is going get ugly up in here!” It was received with laughter and a massive “Whoop!”

7:10 pm
The fire is roaring and the libation is in full effect. We dance the meats upon the flames and do the twist as our singed forearms seek shelter from the holy heat. The smells of roasting meats fill the air with merriment and adulation surrounding us the celebration went on. The tables and chairs were filled with revelry and revelers all making sure that joy was felt in these days so broken with stress and longing for rest. Prayers of joy and thanksgiving where sent up. Poems of Gods goodness were read. Songs were sung in praise all for this roasts merriment days, as they were here, they are upon us.

The chants of “rest, rest, my good and faithful servant”, rang up from the crowd. Smiles and glee fashion us a people of joy and pure gratitude. Someone called one professor, then another, and then more. All were invited to Stitt to be joyful and praise God.

7:30 pm
There are now 150 people in the library filled with joy, liberty, spirits, and soon meat. I see Deans not of the James variety. There are student from UT and surrounding kingdoms. I see man, woman, and children all thankful and warm. There are residents and non residents, along with those in between. There is joy as far as the eye can see.

7:47 pm
The police show up…RTQ has worked some magic! The fuzz stay and join in the fun. They are totally McLovin it up! The roasted meat in waifing all over the biblioteca. I am loving this night. I am told that Damien Rice is in town and that we should call him up. I call bullshite and someone makes a call that I assume is bullshite.

8:30 pm
I am fully engaged in the festivities when a meek little Irishman comes to the circulation desk and I ask him to sign in and show ID. It turns out to be Damien Freaking Rice! I called bullshite and it was true. See what happened when you assume! I angle to receive Freddy Kitchens blunt force trauma to the south side of me. OUCH! Mr. Rice is announced and preforms an acoustic set as we all delight in his melody and passion. He swoons even the most hearty of lads.

He plays for the rest of the evening. He did an amazing duet with Foscoe of “Redemption Song.” There was a beautiful rendition of “Come thou Font” and “Hey Jude.” It was splendid!!! I am the luckiest boy in the world.

I sure am glad I came to Austin Seminary rather than Princeton, McCormick, or Columbia. When did y’all get to see Damien Rice preform in the biblioteca and eat such tasty meats?

10:00 pm
RTQ and I close the biblioteca after cleaning up. We depart and thank God again for the wonderful evening.

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