10 questions…

Today is the 320th day of the year, only 45 days left. It is also International Day for Tolerance. A day to bring forth awareness of the dangers of intolerance. In the spirit of this day I offer this article. Thank you Hyde Park Baptist for your remarkable tolerance!

“Hyde Park Baptist Church hopes that the AAIM(Austin Area Interreligious Ministries) and the community of faith will understand and be tolerant of our church’s beliefs that have resulted in this decision.”

When O’ Lord shall we focus upon your truth and righteousness and cease being the pharisee thanking you that they are not such as we?

What is the Church?

What is your favorite Indian dish?

Does the church include those that have not yet proclaimed bondage in Christ?

Who would win in a rumble, the muppets or fraggels?

Who is Christ?

What is your favorite pizza toping(s)?

What are the limits to Gods forgiveness and Christs grace?

What is the perfect enchilada filling?

Is the Christian godhead similar to the Hindu pantheon?

If you were locked in the mall overnight with access to all of the shops present, what would you do and why?

4 thoughts on “10 questions…

  1. Tim says:

    I like how tolerance now means that I should think everybody is equally right. That is a lot easier than actually believing anything myself. Go spirituality! (Maybe that is too specific and possibly divisive. I apologize.)

  2. Matt says:

    I believe tolerance is about respecting and accepting those who you don’t just disagree with, but who’s beliefs or actions you find completely wrong. It’s easy enough to tolerate someone of a different faith who shares your same general morality. What about tolerating rapists, murderers, child molesters or the like. What about tolerating people who glorify what we think is wrong. That’s the way God tolerates. That’s the kind of tolerance you can’t easily make into an after school special.

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