Seven things about little Ryan

I have been waiting to be tag for this. I actually begged Mere to tag me. I love these things. Here we go. Please keep all arms and legs inside the car until we come to a full and complete stop. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

Seven Interesting Things About Me (my childhood?)

#1) I used to sell handmade leather and wood “Free South Africa” medallions in high school. I also sported lines in my hair and according to my brothers my eyebrows. I rode the hip-hop wave.

I made the wooden ones in wood shop and adorned them on beaded chains I made. I would go to the bead store and scope out the imported wooden ones from Africa as they would make the necklaces more authentic.

It is a bit funny to me that years later I would end up living in Africa.

It was no cultural phase. I was determined to fight against apartheid. I wrote many papers in classes speaking out on the topic. I tried to start a t-shirt company [called Wizdom Designs] as a means to raise money to fight the injustice.

I was rather obsessed with the movie “The Power of One” as well. I had this Ladysmith album that I listened to over and over.

#2) I was obsessed with reading in elementary school. My brother, Grant and I read the entire catalog of reader cards as other kids read a few colors. I wanted to go to the library once. My dad took us to there and we checked out some books. They were late and my father returned some of them something like 4 years late. I still have one of them. I am sorry Westminster Public Library that I have Macbeth still.

#3) I wanted to be a Mathematician as I entered sixth grade.

#4) I tried to skate but never really could. So in high school I just hung out with some friends that skated.

#5) One time when we lived in Washington State, Grant and were walking home from kindergarten and were pushing and bullying the other kids. My mom caught wind of it and confronted us by say that a little bird told her we were being mean to other kids and now we could not walk alone to school.

This killed our fun so we swore we would be good and not push any kids. We also inquired if that little bird was going to be there the next day…

#6) I still owe Grant a root beer [12 ounces, Mug preferred] because I backwashed in it on purpose on the way home from first grade. I owe Grant a pioneer gun from Disneyland. I also owe him countless Cokes due to the pinch and a poke. He will not receive any of the above items as he owes me as well.

#7) I was a boy scout at one time. My father was our scout master and a friend of his was the assistant. They both were retired military so we were the only 12 year old scout troop at the jamboree that marched in cadence with a dirty limerick.

It was at this jamboree that I discovered that I did not want to be a scout. I just wanted to cut shite with my knife and shoot gun and bows. It was awesome.

Some folks told us there was a Girl Scout camp a distance away. I am a few creations marched toward the camp; to do what I have no idea. We got lost and an old camp guy thought it would be funny to pretend he was a mountain lion. He did and scared the shite out of us. We returned to the city distend to never like the outdoors or support any real conservation effort.

I now tag Amy, Grant, Mon, and MFDees

3 thoughts on “Seven things about little Ryan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seven things that I thought of when I think of my childhood.1. As a child my twin brother and I were actors. I remember going to casting calls at people’s houses and being asked by strangers to give them my sad face, happy face, and other ranges of emotions. I also remember going to the set of The Incredible Hulk, and being so scared of Lou Ferrigno in the make up that I pissed on his lap. 2. I lived in Washington State when Mount St Helens erupted. I was scarred shitless, and was convinced (with no help from the hell fire and brimstone preacher) that it was Armageddon, and I was entering hell. I also lost my tricycle underneath all the ash. I also stole my dad’s penny jar and bought comic books and an airplane shooter. I also learned to spell the word FUCK, and wrote it all over the backyard fence.3. I almost cut off my pinky finger trying to cut into a gobstopper with scissors. I also used my lunch box as a weapon to stop kids from picking on my brother and me. 4. I sold towels and now n latter’s to kids in gym class. 5. I wanted to be a top gun fighter pilot in the six grade, but only because I saw the movie Top Gun 56 times. 6. I once took a poop underneath a girl’s window that broke up with me, not because I was mad, but I figured I’d leave a little of me behind.7. I was 22 when I first discovered that I wanted a future, and I am 32 and am just now pursuing a dream.

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