Another night in biblioteca

Tonight I am working on my paper on postmodern understanding of a call to ministry. It is been a wonderfully fulfilling experience to research this topic. I have loved reading the stories of all the contributers. Anywho, RTQ keeps trying to get my attention.

First he blows spitballs in my general direction.

Then he makes that noise from Dumb and Dumber.

Lastly he jumped on my back and demanded my attention. He tried to get me in a choke hold and then into a guillotine choke. I began to lose air and almost fell to the ground. I flipped RTQ to the ground.

I call out my magic words…cloak me in righteousness oh, Lord!

Suddenly I am clothed in my mecha battle suit. I charge at RTQ an lay a barrage of rockets. RTQ rolls away and pops up also clothed in a battle suit.

He fires a laser that takes out the circulation desk I have been hiding behind. He then flies up and fires round after round of small arms fire at me. I burrow underneath the title floor and pop up in the second floor and charge at RTQ with my vibrosaber and cut through the copier. RTQ bolts to the door. I cut him down with a flying fist of shame. RTQ bloodied and hurting lies in a pool of blood.

I claim victory and return to the smoldering desk and type this little ditty…BOOM!!!

RTQ just fired a thermo seeking TEVA bomb. It is on its way towards me…

I am sorry for destroying the Stitt. No need to come into work tomorrow. For MechaRTQ and Robo McVulgar have laid waste to the biblioteca…

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