My prayer for today…

Blessed Creator, voice of all creation.
Wash my heart in your grace.
Adorn my lips in your peace.
Protect my hands in your forgiveness.
Liberate me from the prison of myself.
Cloak my will in with your wisdom.
Fashion me a vessel of your works.
Open my eyes to witness your beauty.
Let my ears embrace your Spirit.
Your majesty reigns above all.
In your grace may my heart fill with compassion.
In your peace may my lips calm.
In your forgiveness may my hands build peace.
In the liberation of my soul may I bind myself to you.
Praise be to you the one who spoke me into being.

2 thoughts on “My prayer for today…

  1. Whitney says:

    beautiful. i had a conversation with a co-worker today where she said, “if God created me just by speaking, just think about how much God can do.”

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