Please watch this…9 minutes of your time.

And we wonder why we have the difficulties we do…I pray for an understanding and desire for peace…

This is convicting to me. I pray I become more aware of the insensitivity and disgrace I display in my daily life.

Where did the call to serve creation go? Folks we fail daily in loving. What can we do to love, relate, and reach out in reconciliation? How many of us have read the Qur’an and proclaim Islam a religion of violence. Have we forgot our violent past? This movie shows the popular image of Arabs/Muslims have been destroyed and questioned by Hollywood imagery. This is the root of our fear of terrorism. We fear what we do not understand and justify this bullshit under the banner of God.

Real Americans hate Arabs…sadly this is a qualifier that holds true these days. God forgive us for what we have done and for what we have not done…

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