Ten signs that you are no longer twentysomething…

1) You are clean shaven because of the gray in your beard.

2) You remember the good old days when you could touch your toes with ease.

3) You buy breakfast cereal according to its fiber content rather than what color it makes your milk.

4) You dream of owning some kind of wagon sporty vehicle.

5) Running a 13 minute mile is enough to warrant a stop at Starbucks.

6) Friday night out is a trip to the video store and perhaps to Pei Wei (if you are a bit adventurous).

7) J Crew, Eddie Bauer, and GAP are your preferred outfitters.

8) You buy shoes for comfort rather than style.

9) The music you grew up listening too is now on the classic radio station.

10) You are far too comfortable in the same underwear for an entire weekend.

2 thoughts on “Ten signs that you are no longer twentysomething…

  1. Carrie says:

    I think that the underwear thing must be a guy thing, because I need shower/change of clothes more frequently than one on the weekend… oh, and Koshi makes this cereal that is high in fiber plus it has blueberries in it so the milk turns blueish purple!

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    I love the Kashi! It must check out this fabled bluish tinting high fiber gift for God.The underwear thing is most likely a guy thing…

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