I remember as a kid I would gather with all of the other kids and play games. We would play tag, capture the flag, football, war, and just about anything else. There we were filling the streets, the sidewalks, and lawns of the neighborhood.

A toss in the air and a catch. A garbage can lid is a shield and of to war. Then the adults would enter the picture. A car would drive across the 50, CAR, CAR. The cry would pierce the air and the game would stop.

An unfair practice or disagreement would arise. There would be a cry of foul and then….do over.

It the simple world of children, do over made perfect since. Let’s just do it again. No harm, no foul.

There are no do overs in the adult world. We cannot agree to do it again. We understand that we must work through the injustice, pride, fouls, and wrongs. We must endeavor to understand and reconcile. This is difficult and it sucks. I pray that as we seek to become leaders that we seek to reconcile the injustice we encounter and the grace of Christ. We all have much to be forgiven for. It is not what happens to you that produces growth. It is how you encounter the difficult times.

Do over does not provide growth. It is a protective bubble popped when one realizes they are no longer walking but running into the arms of Christ.

God, grant us the strength to be vulnerable to hurt. Give us courage to fear and move forward. Give us wisdom that penetrates our pride. Bind us together as your Body. Grant us peace and confidence n your uniting presence. AMEN

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