Jesus is Chinese…

Wal-Mart is selling Jesus along with Mary, Samson, and Goliath. Seriously, you can get playsets at Target!

This is what I want for Christmas. Please. Please. Please. I want a playset from Christmas.

It is freaking cool and weird that these are made.

BTW they are made in China. Jesus is Chinese. I knew Jesus was not a strapping, white, blond haired, blued eyes savior from the Lutheran church. Jesus is Chinese and comes with kung- fu grip and is as bad ass as a Crouching Tiger/ Hidden Dragon. Jesus could kick Bruce Lee’s ass and wipe it up with Chuck Norris.

I want the kick your ass Jesus. With the optional I might kick your ass, but I am so full of love that I will forgive your dumb ass. That is the Jesus we could all love.

4 thoughts on “Jesus is Chinese…

  1. Ryan Pappan says:

    problem solved. I would not want the lick your ass one as it is made in France…everyone knows the French are just weird.

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