This day in holiday…

Today is World Vegan Day. Support the vegan’s by abstaining from all animal products. Then tomorrow have a steak fingers party. I screwed this one up already. I had sausage for breakfast. One. Two. Three. Do over. I am now vegan. Wait. OK. I am now vegan. I took off my trainers. Wait. Ok. Now, I am vegan. I removed my watch. Wait. Ok. Now I am vegan. I took of my belt. Now I am a vegan with his butt showing. tomorrow I am having steak fingers. Do vegans have to abstain from the thought of animal products?

Today is also Dia De Los Muertos! Know as Day of the Dead to our non-Spanish speaking friends. So grab your picnic lunch and go visit the relatives that have passed on. Send the message to the dead via the message box to heaven. Catch a fiesta and some mariachi. Grab a churro. Celebrate life with the dead.

P.s. It is also All saints day…to others it is ouch my head day.

10 thoughts on “This day in holiday…

  1. Kendra says:

    Yer FunnY…we bought some frozen french fries that tasted too much like beef…we couldn’t eat them. actually, i think they were soaked in horse lard. HAPPY DDLM! (oh, and vegan day…but what about the CHEESE!?!?) (sorry–angst….)

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    McDonald’s puts beef flavor in the fries and biscuits! I love cheese fuck vegans for that.Happy DDLM! I wish we all could dine at the graveyard.

  3. astrocero says:

    i think hell froze over, i am vegetarian now, and exploring the shift to vegan, cheese is the one thing i am not sure i wouldn’t has been fun to find places to eat vegan, a lot of Asian and Mediterranean food, viva falafelhappy vegan day meat eater!

  4. mr kitchens says:

    freddy says … yay for grant!! eat more broccolli and and celerey and black bean burgers and leave my bacon alone. personally, i could never be a vegan, bacon is like my fourth food group, it rounds out my diet and makes it complete (Cokes, Mexican Food, Chinese Buffet, Bacon, and All You Can Eat). more power to you grant.also, maybe this next season will be the one for the dodgers, good luck joe.

  5. astrocero says:

    tempeh, i am not familiar with it, i am in my infancy as a vegetarian, i eat a mostly vegan, with the exception of some breads and an occasional cheese quesadilla. i love boca, but i found this awesome vegan asian place and they make their own gluten, and this “beef” with watercress is the best thing ever. and i am now going to look for tempeh. thanks kendra.

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