The most deeply penetrating book I have read in years…

A poem by Mother Teresa, found in Come Be My Light.


I’m leaving my dear house

And my beloved land

To steamy Bengal go i

To a distant shore.

I’m leaving my old friends

Forsaking family and home

My heart draws me onward

To serve my Christ.

Goodbye, O mother dear

May God be with you all

A higher Power compels me

Toward torrid India.

He ship moves slowly ahead

Cleaving the ocean waves,

As my yes take one last look

At Europe’s dear shores.

Bravely standing on the deck

Joyful, peaceful of mein,

Christ’s happy little one,

His new bride-to-be.

In her hand a cross of iron

On which the Savior hangs,

While her eager soul offers there

Its painful sacrifice.

“Oh God, accept this sacrifice

As a sign of my love,

Help, please, Thy creature

To glorify Thy name!

In return, I only ask of Thee,

O most kind father of us all:

Let me save at least one soul –

One you already know.”

Fine and pure as summer dew

Her soft warm tears begin to flow,

Sealing and sanctifying now

Her painful sacrifice.

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