For my grease loving compadres!

A couple of friends here at Austin Seminary have put together a little food review show that I think you the readers of this here blog would love. It is one of the most creative and innovative food review shows that I have ever witnessed.

I am still laughing me arse off.

Click here to view the show.

No shite!!! Y’all need to watch this show. If not satisfied I shall send you a TV show of greater or equal value [that I produce] absolutely free!!!

5 thoughts on “For my grease loving compadres!

  1. Mr Kitchens says:

    Freddy says … “That Jack looks like a nice guy, someone who would enjoy a good buffet followed by large custom made ice cream dish. My kinda people.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ryan, nice comment on Kendra’s blog. In particular, your assessment that the emerging churches don’t understand postmodern philosophy/theology (if that is, in fact, what “emerging” means in some fashion), seems quite true. From what I have heard of the recent conference, for example, it seems that there is perhaps nothing postmodern about it. Postmoderns (generally) critique the power ideologies of hegemonic institutions; they don’t become (knowingly) arms of them. Postmoderns tend to be wary of the putatively innocuous, not naively subject to it/them. So, when Zondervan (!) ‘puts on’ an ’emerging’ conference, at a mega-church, one might get just a bit suspicious. Who is controlling whom? Who is controlling what language? Who decides what ’emerging’ means? We might begin by asking a few crucial questions: how many self-identified feminists were present (or invited)? How many lecture/discussions did you hear that were critical of the status quo of Christendom? Who talked about potential or real abuses of power in the contemporary(corporate) institution(s) we call the ‘christian church?’ Who represented the post-colonial perspectives? Where was propositional Christianity challenged? Where did you notice systemic sin formally addressed? How many speakers invited you to consider a plurality of ‘knowledges’ and their potential incommensurability? You get the idea…Had anyone present actually read philosophers such as Foucault, Derrida, Levinas, Adorno, or even Dewey or Rorty? I wonder what the difference is between an “emerging church” and a (very mildly) rebellious, rather naive, proselytizing arm of the grand evangelical ‘church.’ Dim the lights, play some ‘rock & roll,’ burn a candle…is this ‘Ultra-new stain removing Tide,’ or just regular strength Tide with a newly contrived, more colorful plastic bottle?My only point is that if “emerging” just means “same old neo-con evangelical, but now ‘cool,'” then go ahead and just say so. But, if “emerging” implies a critique of the enlightenment/modernist philosophy that characterizes and underlies the evangelical ethos and theology, then I’m not sure any progress has been made (other than the duping of the ignorant, and the boredom of the rest of us). –John T.

  3. mr kitchens says:

    Freddy says … “I thought we were talking anout grease, chicken fry, and getting fat? WTF? While I think contemplating the goodness and Godliness of the Dart Bowl Cafe is important and needed, and might lead us to a higher plane of being, we took a left turn at the french fries and ended up with “Ultra new stain removing, cadle lighting, rock and rolling, neo-con light, post modernism.””WTF Ryan. What kind of blog are you running here?”That’s what Freddy says.

  4. Ryan Pappan says:

    Dear Mr. Kitchens,I run a tight ship here. I allow for open discussion. You never know what is spawned from steak battered and fried on a flat grill and topped with yellow gravy. I am not to sure I understand all that JT says or does. I will vouch for him as a good egg.There is no higher plane of existence beyond that of gravy, fries, butter buttered bread, and steak that is battered and fried on a flat grill.Sincerely,Ryan Pappan, Esq.p.s. Have a bitchin’ winter! K.I.T. Stay sweet! Home room would not be the same without you!

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