It is 7:47 (and 8:52) pm on a Wednesday!

Freddy Kitchens stopped by this evening. He asked a shit load of questions and then disappeared.

He showed up at the side of the desk and began to write a poem. This is the poem he wrote, “her curious friend was stalking his mischievous little calico & I think this special night is a frisky dream.”

First off WTF Freddy?!?

Let us dive in to the magical mind of Freddy Kitchens.

[her curious friend was stalking his mischievous little calico] Who is her curious friend and why is she stalking?

I wondered this aloud and a random library patron offered this insight. “Her curious friend is none other than Rosie O’Donnell! She has plenty of time now that she retired from the view. She and Ellen got together and are seeking to find Ellen a new pup. Ellen is researching the proper care techniques of puppy rearing and Rosie is studying cats and the folks than love them. Everyone knows Rosie loves a good kitty.”

I think the random library patron is a bit crazy. She comes in here and brings two pairs of shoes with her and reads. Yes, she reads! How lame for anyone to come to the library and read. She reads for hours. Last week she was here for at least nine hours in the same leather chair, reading. She never speaks and changes shoes ever so often. So I think she cannot be fully trusted. I do think Rosie is lame and eats babies as part of her nutritious breakfast. But she is not who Freddy is referring to in the line “her curious friend”. The curious friend is Mary the marsupial.

On a side note: I am convinced that there is a major drug cartel run from the circulation desk. A brick of “drugs” is wrapped under the magnet used to protect the literary thief’s from walking off with great theology and liturgics. Every night when we close the brick is replaced by a package of money tightly wrapped to look like a brick. The library drug cartel don then takes this brick of money and buys more products. The vicious cycle then returns the next day and then more drug addicted book reading fiends arrive.

Mary is stalking the calico because the calico left his wallet at the taco stand. It is not really stalking because Mary thinks the calico, whose name happened to be Marcel, is rather dashing with all of his colors and spots. The special dream is Mary’s hope to go on a date with Marcel the calico. The frisky part arrives when the marsupial meets the feline. You get malign with that. But who really knows what Freddy is thinking. I am sure Freddy does not.

See you next week at the Library Dinner Theater and resource room.

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