It is 7:33 pm…

I am sitting at the desk of circulation in the Stitt. It is hauntingly quiet. I am writing a few papers and dreaming of sleep. It was robot night, but it got changed to mask night. Next week perhaps “Taco Night.”

An FYI…Freddy Kitchens came by to brag about the Corny Dogs he just ate. He tried to rub it in and a bum tripped him and picked his pocket. Freddy tried to run after him but was a little disoriented from the “bum rush” and he bumped into the DVD display and stepped on and broke a copy of “Mona Lisa Smiles”.

RTQ and I tried to get the guy but RTQ fell over a copy of “The Notebook” and I was taken out by a VHS copy of “Sister Act 2”. Thus the bum bailed with Freddy’s chapstick and 45 cents in change.

RTQ, Freddy, and I closed up early and went for Corny Dogs.

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