What does heaven look like?

This is a question that many of us think about or ponder. It many hearken joy and longing to be near loved ones again. Some even seek to be in heaven to end physical suffering and brokenness.

I often wonder what heaven will look like. Sometimes I imagine it to be a large BBQ or cookout with all of creation there. There is food for all kinds and shapes. Sometimes I remember a sermon from an old pastor. He described heaven as eternal glorification with voice and harps. Not the beer! That would be neat.

I am not a big worshiper with voice. I do not like singing nor do I gain pleasure from it. I feel distanced as I sing at times in worship. I love to listen to the songs sung. I mediate and imagine the words penetrating my heart, deep with in. Refining my heart and shaping my experience. All of this is shattered when I seek to add my voice. I am a heart song singer. I get joy from it.

So is there a place in heaven? What will heaven look like? I have no clue. At times I wonder if heaven exists at all. I hope for more than this. I have hope for more than this. I pray that I am included in this. I just get all mucked up in the thought of anther plan and sphere that is heaven. I am not smart enough to get it. So I ponder and wait. I shall die one day and judgment shall come. I just hope that I am square with Christ and that heart song singers can join in the eternal chorus as they sing.

2 thoughts on “What does heaven look like?

  1. Karen Wagner says:

    i read one time in the Sun (reliable source that it is) that NASA found heaven and it had gold streets. What other secrets are the government hiding from us? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    heaven, you query?You must look inside my child. Heaven is not of streets, nor gold, nor glory, nor “you get there.” No. Heaven is the smell of baking bread, from within the newly forming bubbles in the dough as it expands in the oven. Heaven is the impermanence of harmony (ie: Elliott Smith style), once heard, then gone, never to have really existed at all ‘out there’ for you to know. It is a wave, a particle, a cloud not withstanding scrutiny. Yes, heaven is the part of loneliness we all long for (and enjoy from time to time); the glad part of weakness, the anticipation of death, the smile of a friend at your unintended wit.No, heaven, for this life’s comprehension, is only to be found in the asking, the doubting, and the foolishness of faith.–H.T. Bicknell

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