Empire Bush

I am watching the presidential news conference currently. When asked about Putin’s statement that when his presidency ends that he will run or become Prime Minister, effectively keeping power. Bush commented that he was planning the same thing.

This guy is fucking scary! I bet he is not joking. I bet he moves to attack Iran as to keep power. The guy is wagging war all over the world in the name of justice and truth. Whose justice and whose truth is he speaking for?

I am sad about our current political circumstance. I have never felt so distant and fearful of our government than today. I wish we had a government that represented the people and was transparent. We are worse than most developing nations that openly support warlords and wars.

Bush is so distant from reality! He is stammering and stuttering. He makes on sense and rambles. He deflects questions and when asked a pointed question regarding the war or war on terror he babbles and rants, but ever answers the question. He speaks for the American people? Not me. I d not want the shit he says I want. I am an American person.

God help us!!! Seriously, please touch our hearts and convict us that we are not the bearers and possessors of truth. May we sacrifice truly from obligation to you and not in charity to obtain power.

One thought on “Empire Bush

  1. Matt says:

    I feel like it’s time to turn American eyes back towards America. I don’t mean to ignore the rest of the world, but just for America to take care of America for a while. With all the money he’s spending overseas and vetoing at home it sure seems like all his talk about the “homeland” is nothing more than political posturing. Anyway, since we’re proving to be pretty incompetent in dealing with the large scale needs of the rest of the world, I think it’d be perfectly reasonable to take a few years off and actually invest in America.

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