One night in Biblioteca de Stitt con APTS.

Man tonight I have been working the ole Stitt with RTQ and the darnest thing happened! We were visited by aliens. Not the space variety but the kind from Vancouver.

RTQ suited up to vanquish these fun lovin’ chunucks. They kept asking if we had a copy of “Strange Brew” Eh?! I told them to go back north. Then they cracked open the Blue and proceeded to smash the entire second floor. You know those neighbors from the north hate books and learning of any kind. The proof is in the pugging! Just look at their political situation. They are in a generally long period of peace. They have no idea how to dominate the world and shit!

Anyway…RTQ highed the fur wearing wild man and I lowed him! When he was knocked down and the Blue removed from his rough leathery hand he was ok. He just keep mumbling about the Ducks and that Hockey did not belong in the south of California. I reminded him that we are in Texas and not California.

He was a bit puzzled. So is everyone else here in Austin. As the number of Socalinians increases like a plague or scourge. Texas being the house of Capulet and Cali being the fair house of Montague.

Fair Verona would never be the same. Neither would this duck hunting, fur trapper pinned down in the library by RTQ and RP.

Y’all should come to the library and look. We have this guy stuck on the wall in the reference room. You can poke him with a stick and ask him questions and stuff. He specks English but with a hard to understand accent like Shatner.

Palabra from the Biblioteca!

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