It is 9:28 pm on a Wednesday!

Man it has been dead in here tonight. We have had a total of 4 people in the library this evening. One may still be in here. I am not too sure, as she is a hippy and you can never trust a hippy. I bet she is burrowed away in some corner to keep her vegan and meat freedom away from this very carnivorous state of Texas.

I am sort of worried. Have you smelled a decomposing hippy? They are difficult to get out of the corners and stuff.

I will go and look for her…(10 minutes later) I did not find her. Well I did not really look much. I went up stairs to the third floor and scared the shite out of myself. It was dark and I swear I saw some shite coming at me ready to do eternal battle. So I hollered the name of Jesus at it and put my fingers to form a cross. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and commanded in the name of Christ to leave me alone. That shite works cause nothing happened to me and the shadow from lurking deeps bailed and I am writing this to y’all. No hippy. I will let MF Dees take care of that in the morning. All he has to do is set out a bowl of granola and tofu flakes and she will come running like a little lose puppy to gravy train!

Well there is only one other soul in the library, that we know of. The hippy could be here. I wonder if you smack a hippy on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, will they listen to common sense? There is nothing worse than a hippy sporting that oily nasty smelling stuff banging the drum of veganism as they drive a beat up emissions smut car around town.

We are closing and all is well. Thus my 18 hour day is near an end. Thanks be to God! I pray all you little buckaroos rest well, eat your vitamins, and say your prayers!

Palabra tu Madre!!!

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