It is 7:03 pm on a Wednesday!

I am no longer hungrier than a hippo. I am now content as a cat. I am reading a book, which I cannot tell you about. Due to its secret nature forget that I said anything at all.

So I am doing nothing and liking it very much. I have been up since 5:00 am. That makes for a 14 hour day thus far. I went to sleep at 1:00 am. So I went to sleep today, woke up today and am still up today. I face the prospect of being up until 11:00 pm. That would make it an 18 hour day on 4 hours of sleep.

Man I need an altoid or breath mint. I ate chicken and have chicken breath.

I am working on my final project for a class. It is on post-modern looks at the call to ministry. It shall be excellent (thank you Alex Winters!)

I am also pondering what I am called to in ministry. I hope to be a vessel of Gods love and imbued with special dance moves of empowering giggles. I wonder if I will get the dance stuff?

I want to be a luchador for Halloween this year. I may just go as Grant.

Am I the only one that really wants a lunch box (the metal ones, like when we were kids). I would love to have the Indiana Jones one with thermos! I just looked up the cost of this hope. $75 dollars including shipping. I guess I will be eating my lunch from a paper sack.

If I had my old Star Wars lunch pail, I could fetch over $400 for it!!!

I just checked the conversion rate in Indonesia…it is currently

9,088.65 IDR to 1.00 USD!!!

We are going to exist as if we are royalty while there. Thanks be to God!!! I just looked up a travel cost estimator, it said for three weeks of expensive meals and 5 beers a day it would cost me 250 USD. That is 12 USD a day to exist as royalty! I bet this is what King David felt like.

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