Fall Funk

Mere has been in Amarillo since Thursday afternoon. So I have been solo and pretending not to miss her. I have been spending much time in meditation and resting. I feel relaxed and recovered.

I have not really had much time to relax upon my return from Seminole this summer. Then I got the pneumonia and have been fighting exhaustion since. I think I have slept an average of 12 hours on Friday and Saturday night.

In this meditative state I realized that just about every year I encounter a bit-o-depression as we enter fall and exit summer. I have only bettered some of the past episodes as I am better equipped to deliver some existential crisis.

I wonder what tomorrow will look like. I have much hope in the future. I pray God continues to provide in the manner I have experienced thus far. Which is abundantly and disguised as crisis.

I have been listening to pop/rock covers by The Vitim Quartet and The Modern American String Ensemble. My favorite thus far is “Run to the Hills.” With “Somebody to Love’ a close second. I love the use of classical instruments to bring a new vigor to modern music. This is what the Emerging Conversation hopes to bring about in the church.

We need to continuously look inward; afflict the comforted and comfort the afflicted. The sweet sound of beauty centered upon Christ’s dying love…We are all looking for somebody to love.

A hope lies in the tempest of the Fall Funk. I pray that God tills the soil of our hearts and brings forth a new seed, a new crop this fall as we enter winter. God grant everyone calm and peace. Let war cease and draw us near you. One people…one broken people.

2 thoughts on “Fall Funk

  1. Kendra says:

    um, hi. believe it or not i may come out to Austin for the emergent conference. i have some continuing ed $$. should we schedule de-briefing afterwards at the Crown?

  2. BCDees says:

    Existential crises… it’s been awhile since I’ve had one of my own, but I used to have my own “fall funks.” They would set in a bit after the beginning of the semester, around October or so. Just remember that the existential crisis can only make you stronger as long as you use it as an opportunity to grow.

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