Are we as the PC(USA) in an open relationship with Christ?

I was reading the Onion this morning and came across this article.

Im In An Open Relationship With The Lord

The Onion

I’m In An Open Relationship With The Lord

With Jesus as my personal Savior, I felt like I had it all. But then we hit a rough patch, and before long, I was beginning to question both my…

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I wonder if all of the arguments and fighting over Gay rights within the denomination and other denominations has lead us to an idolatrous and unfaithful response to the Gospel.

In the pervading culture of 2000’s America we demand to be individual and special. We cannot stomach to be a sheep. We make fun of sheep. We look down at sheep. Yet we are called to be sheep. When we put on our religious gear we wear the sheep costume uncomfortably. When we go into the world we seek to hide our lambs wool.

What happened to the call to be in the world and not of it? Sisters and brothers have we lost our salt? Have we truly sought a biblical discourse on reconciliation? I am tired and weary from the fight. Maybe we need to split in San Jose. Perhaps the solution is to part ways and schism? This would be the seemingly easiest solution. It is the one I have been kicking around lately.

What would a missional posture mean to this discussion? Imagine the call on all our lives if we walked humble and in the shadow of Christ, absent of the false confidence of possession of the truth. We, I, fail and fail big. We all must don the sack cloth and ashes. Let us mourn together for we have crucified Christ again in our zeal to be right, to hold the truth. In this we miss the silent, quiet Christ that blesses the meek, that holds the marginalized in his arms and reconciles.

I believe, help me with my unbelief. I want to be faithful. I want to be true. I want to be right. This is my sin. This is my cross.

2 thoughts on “Are we as the PC(USA) in an open relationship with Christ?

  1. astrocero says:

    i am guilty of holding on to my individuality. i hope it is not a sin, but than i am usually thrown for a loop trying to think of something i do that isn’t. i hope that the message of christ and the process of searching are key, i hope that we can allow those that are meant to judge judge, and those that serve just serve, it is sad if there are strings attached to christ’s love, i hope not.

  2. Karen Wagner says:

    What would happen if we truly loved our neighbors as ourselves and sought first to understand that to be understood? If we truly sought relationship with Jesus and with our brothers and sisters, would we be able to talk instead of yell? Right now I sense a lot of people talking and not listening. We live in a society where we have to be right. What would happen if we gave up having to be right and tried to humbly serve one another?Just my questions.

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