Things I like

These are things I like in no particular order. The list was complied over the course of my evening in the library as a library pirate of the desk.

TV on the Radio
Amos Lee
refried beans
books by Chuck Palahniuk
conversations with my friends
having my back scratched
hearing the distinct sound of the ice cream truck
a cool winter morning wind across my face
leisure time
to run
McDonalds cheeseburgers
Thrift ice cream
a smile from within a crowd
very cold water
Kraft mac-n-cheese with hot dogs
my mom’s cooking
the giggles of children
laughing at myself
when I think before I act
Nyoma Choma, Ugali, & a Coke
bacon and eggs
biscuits, butter, and jam
it when my pop calls me “dipshit”
that I have tattoos
to lift weights (no Grant this does not mean getting up)
to hear other peoples stories and encounters with the divine
Tommy’s chili cheeseburgers
that I am from California
being loved
that I might be a pastor
pizza (pizza is like sex. There is good sex and bad sex. It is all sex.)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Louis Armstrong
to travel and encounter other cultures
to learn
to read
pretend I dance
to pretend sing opera in the shower
being a lover of Jesus
working in the library
leather sofas
Dr. Pepper
writing poems and short stories
comfortable clothing
the idea of being in a relationship
rainy days
the beach
pancakes and syrup
swimming in a river or pool
throwing a baseball around
pretending I am an airplane
swinging on swings
spinning myself dizzy
fry bread
driving at night
it when I can make someone smile
mashed potatoes
Chinese buffets
shrimp tacos
flip flops
short pants
plain t-shirts
hoodie sweat shirts
cell phones
the Emerging Conversation
the PC(USA)
social justice
to see discrimination cease and love to avail
the Qur’an
most religions
sloppy joe’s and tatter tots
running shoes
bagels and smear
a good deli
those socks that do not show where you wear shorts
a hot shower
the foggy city of Los Angeles at night
the beach at night
cinnamon rolls
Grenadian sunsets
Kenyan Sundowners
being greeted
my beard
pretzels (soft and hard)
The History Channel
The Discovery Channel
my family
BBQ and cook outs
Super Big Gulps
fishing in the ocean
sausage, cheese and biscuit sandwich
Jeff Buckley
music in general
bad TV
carnival and fair food
hanging out with different people
hanging out with foreign folks and being the foreign folk
eating foreign food
reading the newspaper
hot coco on a cold morning
that I have been blessed to go to graduate school
board games
when I get so excited that I shake and feel as if I shall pee my pants
the accordion
the word “glockenspiel”
to say the word “poopie”
the word “prolegomena”
to say the word “salvific”
to say the word “relevant”
to say the word “fuck” and all it various derivations
to include in my papers as much of myself as I can
to be as honest as I can in my writings
to feel naked (vulnerable) when I write (not be naked)
to seek healing and reconciliation
to trash talk
making jokes (sometimes they are even funny)
swatting flies

What do you like?

5 thoughts on “Things I like

  1. astrocero says:

    TV on the RadioKids in the HallLittle BrittanMonty Python’s Flying CircusWes Anderson filmsHaruki Murakami booksChuck Palahniuk booksFrank Miller art & booksAlan Moore art & booksCharles Burns’s art & booksDaniel Clowes art & booksPaul Thomas Anderson filmsSamurai moviesTacosAll Mexican foodZankou chicken!Tapioca puddingHeroesLostThe ShieldAdult swimBattlestar GalacticaWarhammer (I really like my ork army)The idea of living in the MidwestThe Los Angeles dodgersThe Los Angeles LakersMy giant insulated xtreme gulp cup I use to drink waterThe idea that someday I will meet the woman of my dreams marry and live happily ever afterTom WaitsWhen my nephew asks me where Yoda is, and then asks if he is dirty, and then wants to watch the video of Yoda dancing.My nephews love of monster trucks (he is twp and a half)The honesty of childrenThe thought of heaven because I get to hug my grandma again, and crack jokes with my aunt.JazzHow lucky I am to have the family I do.Kebobsthe Crown & anchorI am sure I am forgetting some.

  2. Monica says:

    meredith is way down the list…in know it wasn’t in particular order but still, couldn’t you have squeezed her in a little higher? 🙂

  3. Carrie says:

    Some of the things I like:Cloudsnovelsthe moonsunsets and sun risesthe beachthe Carolina Hurricanesthinkingswimmingsailingmusicbeing with my friendssilencepoetrynapsmaccaroni and cheesechocolateice creambeing from NCJohn Cusack moviesmovies that make me feelmovies that make me thinkGodprayerhopestillnessthe changing of the leaves (esp. maple trees)the smell of raina hot showerrememberingthe Sacramentsa really good conversationlaughter (most)creating ideassimply being….

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