The most serious and amazing question in the WORLD!

I am sure…no I am certain that this question shall alleviate the world of suffering or samsara if you are from the east. In a Christian sense, if this question had been asked prior to the crucifixion Jesus may have had more teachings around and crosses would not be a fixture at JesusFest’s all around the country (as they listen to Crowns, Jars, and other assorted vessels and head gear.)

The question, you ask?

If you had four fingers that dispensed food, drink, or other (you must justify the other), what would they be?


Diet Dr. Pepper
Tacos (assorted)
Salads (from Chopped house to Caesar and more)
my last finger would dispense rain to needed areas.

What is in your fingers?

p.s. I am painting a picture for a class. If it turns out well I shall share it with y’all.

7 thoughts on “The most serious and amazing question in the WORLD!

  1. Andrew Seely says:

    dr pepper / diet coke (depending on mood)nacho cheese sauce (mainly for fries)complete in-n-out meals (animal style with grilled and whole grilled onions)(neopolitian shakes)justice (not chuck norris style)(but fighting injustice stuff)(ya know jesus style)

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    Cheese on In-n-Out fries….ok. I would change one of mine to Tommy’s full menu. Perhaps instead of rain. Tommy’s can feed ALL!

  3. Amy Souza says:

    oh i just love this question:–totally clean (no chemicals) pure cold water–bean and cheese burritos–free plane tickets anywhere (um, the justification is that they would be free and i want to travel…does that work?)–cheese its or vanilla wafers (i can’t decide)

  4. Ryan Pappan says:

    Amy I totally get the B&C burritos, the plane tickets and your selfish need to travel God’s creation. I even understand the cheese its and nilla wafers. But what up with the water?I would also suggest that you remedy your nilla wafer and cheese it dilemma with a finger that dispenses snacks.

  5. astrocero says:

    the first finger-a complete 7-11 drink dispenser(including the option to add vanilla, lemon, or cherry flavor to anyone of the choices)the second finger- dispenses any food item so as long as i have eaten it at least once in my lifetimethe third finger-opens a portal to anywhere(even time is not a constraint)the forth finger- a laser pointing finger can either point out things like a normal laser pointer, or a real laser beam in which to use as one would use a real laser beam.the fifth finger-a swiss army finger, any tool i might ever need will be brought forth from my finger.

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