WTFWJD…some more

I am in my last year at seminary, unless something goes awry. It has dawned on me that I am not too sure of what I want to do [or feel called to do] upon my assumed graduation. I am uninspired and unengaged currently. I feel called to ministry. I want to pursue this call. I am just burned out in the process. I feel isolated from the system and frustrated by the hoops we have to navigate on the way to ordination.

I have just hit the up swing from my bout with the pneumonia, which coincided with the first week of classes. Am still rather tired and now much more overwhelmed than normal. This must be accounted for as I write this. But alas I am tired. I read many books on post modern religious application and seek to be a light or perhaps a better term a lightning rod for change in the denomination.

We are doing wonderful things. I just wonder where the transformation is. Where is the radical love present in the gospel. I hear all the time the need for something new. Yet folks are fearful of putting themselves out there as transparent, vessels of God’s undying g love. We have to answer the call to love, the call to justice, and the call to radical transformation from the bondage of the status quo!

As I near graduation and the possible venture into ministry I am growing convicted of the need to challenge the system and F’ stuff up. The church is so afraid of dying IT WILL DIE! Is this not what we are called to do? Are we not to die unto Christ?

This is when I resort to my favorite Acronym comes into place, WTFWJD?

The expletive f@%k is the only adjective I can think of that is appropriate when I think about or failure to do and our zeal to do not. We need to earnestly move to reconciliation with a desperate longing fit for an outsider. Cause folks we are outsiders looking into righteousness. GOD HELP US ALL.

8 thoughts on “WTFWJD…some more

  1. Karen Wagner says:

    Your comment about the church being so afraid to die that it will die I think is dead on (no pun intended…well maybe). We have become paralyzed by fear that we go no where. Apathy begins to set in and we watch ourselves dwindle, happy with maintaining the status quo. I think that comfort with the status quo is what has kept me from being sold on the church in Wisconsin. Good stuff there, but happy the way they are. Hang in my brother. God loves you and so do I!

  2. astrocero says:

    i almost at times think that there may be two pappans called to ministry, but is the church big enough?does indigestion still fell like the holy spirit?

  3. Tim says:

    Man the big thing is to change the tone. Churches and denominations that talk about dying and fear are stuck in this self-fulfilling prophecy. Life giving churches that are transformational both for individuals and for communities have a completely different tone. Does it take the form of post-modern bs? It can, but does not have to. My experience now and in the past is that the churches that keep their eyes firmly set on the hope and transformation we have in Jesus Christ are the ones that will be filled with life.

  4. Kendra says:

    Hi Ryan. God, do we MISS YOU! thank you for writing about your own unease about “wanting to be in ministry” but “not knowing what or how.” i, too, am not quite sure…and partly because i feel like such a misfit. (i feel like a Beguine.) I hope that you WILL be in ministry, and that the capacity is one in which you will feel that you can fully be yourself!

  5. Ryan Pappan says:

    Kendra,We got to get the thing going that JT, Mere, you and I always spoke of. It would be cool.Froggy,We must keep our eyes on the sparrow! Jesus is the only way we can serve in this world and the only means to which w may be part of the equation.Thank you everyone for your comments. I trust God has something out there for me. Peace and pizza!

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